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Auto Insurance Claims

What to know before you file your claim

  • You, as the vehicle owner, can choose ANY auto body shop you want to repair your vehicle.
  • Your auto insurance company may try to convince you to use a shop on their “preferred auto body shop list”. This is so they can have more control over the cost of your repair. You do not have to choose from their list.
  • Your auto insurance company may tell you that your repair will not be warranted by them unless you choose to repair your car at a shop on their “preferred auto body shop list”. You should go to an auto body shop that warranties their own work, you don’t need your auto insurance company to warranty the repair.
  • DBA Auto Body has been in business for over 20 years, stands behind their auto collision repair work and offers a Refinish Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. Replacement parts are warranted according to the manufacturer or suppliers policy; usually 1 year.
  • Unless you have an Original Equipment Manufactured Parts (OEM) rider on your policy OR your car has been driven less than 20,000 miles, Massachusetts State Law allows your insurance company to use aftermarket (NON-OEM) or USED OEM parts for your auto damage repair.
  • DBA Auto Body will try to negotiate with your insurance company and put the original OEM parts back on your car. Many auto body shops will not contact your auto insurance company to try and get OEM parts approved. We find that most of our customers do not mind waiting a few extra days so we can try to do this.
  • We will repair the vehicle according to your insurance company’s estimate and we will negotiate with them to get the additional repairs you need to put your car back into the condition it was before your accident.
  • Most auto insurance estimates do NOT include everything you need to repair your auto accident damage. This is because your insurance company wants to make sure you are going to fix the damage before they pay you for labor that is never going to happen. If you take the check your insurance company sends you and cash it instead of fixing your car, you are likely being compensated for only 30% of the value of your auto damage claim. In addition, you have depreciated the value of your car if you don’t repair it and, if you have another accident in the same area of your car, your insurance may deduct the amount of the check you cashed from the subsequent claim.
  • DBA Auto Body is paid the amount we negotiate with your insurance company. The only thing you pay is your insurance deductible, if it applies.
  • We recommend you always use your own auto insurance policy to cover the cost of your auto collision claim. If you are not at fault, your insurance company will seek to recoup the amount paid out on your claim from the insurance company of the responsible party. Also, if you go to a different auto insurance company for coverage, you lose the leverage you have as their paying customer. It is important to have this leverage in case you don’t like the way your claim is being handled.
  • If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to call us and speak to one of our office staff before you file your auto accident claim with an insurance company other than your own.

If you are ready to call in your auto damage claim, please seeĀ Auto Accident Help to review the information we have posted there.

We are often asked about how to negotiate with insurance companies in the event that a vehicle is declared a total loss. Here’s a link to a great article which will help you negotiate your total loss auto insurance claim.